Polycarbonate is a variant of thermoplastic that comes as a transparent sheet. It is the most versatile type of plastic in its industry that is being sold. It is extensively used in various fields of work. But some of its specific benefits have made them the most sort out the material used for roofing by builders. Sastha Structures is a reputed polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in Coimbatore that provides sound roofing solutions. We are one of the major providers of high-quality polycarbonate sheets in Coimbatore

Features That Make Polycarbonate Standout

Polycarbonate material comes as an extremely tough substance and they absorb very little moisture. Thus, making it resistant to physical damage, water damage and shatter-proof. Asides from these polycarbonate roofing sheets have good weather ability and flexibility. They are also less toxic in comparison to other types of plastics. Its resistance towards heat also makes it a perfect material for roofing. Its heat resistance can also be enhanced by different heat treatments.

Polycarbonate the Perfect Roofing Material

The standout features mentioned above make polycarbonate sheets the appropriate roofing material. Polycarbonate roofs are extremely effective for garages and sheds. They are a great roofing solution for industries as they prevent the heat from entering the interior of the building. Customers can choose between clear polycarbonate and foam backed polycarbonate roofing for industries which are also more ideal.

Triple Layered Polycarbonate Sheets

Here at Sastha Structures for the best insulation for your buildings from the extreme outside temperature, we offer the triple layered polycarbonate sheets also called multiwall polycarbonate panels. These types of sheets have garnered more popularity because this variant is more durable in contemporary to the single sheet polycarbonate.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheets

Another noteworthy variant in this range is the 10mm polycarbonate sheets. In this type the polycarbonate is a single sheet that comes with a thickness of 10mm, increasing the efficiency of the sheet in areas such as strength, insulation and its lifespan. In order to satisfy the customers and to match the aesthetic of the building polycarbonate sheets come in various colors for you to choose from.