Our Services

We are pleased to introduce all our services below. If you don’t find one you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Pre Engineered Building

We provide structural steel fabrication for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. We fabricate in our
factory factility and install on premises for complete service.

Product categories

1. Build – up ‘l’ sections to make primary structural framing member(columns and rafters)
2. Cold formed Z & C sections for secondary members (Roof purlins, Eaves & Wall purlins)
3. Roll formed profiled sheeting (Roof and Wall purlins)
4. Optional sub systems which includes Mezzanine floors, Crane runway, Roof platforms, Catwalks etc

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels are used for external roofing and internal walls for cold storage purpose because of their thermal insulation which is also known for Fire-resistant.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Structural Roof

We provide structural steel fabrication using multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheet such as Canopy, Car parking, Open to sky covering in shopping mall, appartments and residential buildings

Day Light Panels

We provide the profiled day light panels for industrial building using embossed, compact (clear, opel white) solid polycarbonate sheets.


Wind driven windows are used in turbo ventilators which give effective ventilation for all the types of industries.

We provide industrial louvers and ridge ventilation for industrial roofs.

Polycarbonate Solar Dryer

Polycarbonate Solar Dryers are used to dry the fruits, vegetable, nuts, coconuts, spices, etc., in the natural way of sunlight. Due to the usage of sunlight the dried products will remain good for more days.

Polycarbonate Green House

Floriculture, Horticulture, Nurseries, etc., uses the Polycarbonate Green House efficiently. They use it in Research Centre and Educational Institutions too.

Polycarbonate Green House guarantee better light diffusion which is important for growing plants

Polycarbonate Green House filters UV radiation which protect plants from harmful radiation.